What they’re saying about shadowspring

Paul Mason writes superbly about conservation and the importance of looking after the environment.” –Jon B (Five stars)

“This book is a wonderful, quirky little read with some fabulous messages in the story…this is definitely a book I will recommend to my pupils.” –Laura M (Four stars)

“It was so lovely being back with this world…this series continues to be wonderful.” –Steph (Four stars)

“It’s such and entertaining story but with an important message woven around the adventure.” — Leona M (Four stars)

“It was wonderful to return to this amazing, fully realised world, that I first enjoyed in The International Yeti Collective. Paul Mason has excelled himself…” –Roberta R (Five stars)

“A wonderful, read-in-one-sitting adventure. A perfect read aloud!” –North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award

I was delighted to be back with the yetis again…” –Kristen H (Five stars)

…a humorous and action-packed read, but still manages to pack a few mighty punches regarding the impact of mankind on the environment.” –Linda C (Four stars)

“A wonderfully warm and action-packed adventure…” –Mary R (Five stars)

“At times thrilling, always honest and full of heart, this is one to share!” –Erin H (Five stars)

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